Your Instructor, Objectives, & Course Goodies!

0:20 Your Instructor: Michael Fricano II

  • Father to a 5 year old boy
  • Live in Hawaii
  • K-12 Technology Integration Specialist & Technology Teacher
  • Networking & Sharing is my passion!
  • Presenting on Ed Tech for 10+ years
  • AR & VR for Edu for 3 years

1:09 Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to use the Google Street View mobile app (iOS).
  • Become familiar with the Terms of Service & Privacy Policy for Google Street View.
  • Learn how to manage Health & Safety in Virtual Reality.
  • Learn about the differences between being logged in and logged out in Google Street View.
  • Learn how to view & interact with a Street View 360° image.
  • Learn how to explore the Featured Collections in Google Street View.
  • Learn how to use the World Map in Google Street View.
  • Explore tips & strategies for using Google Street View in your K-12 classroom.
  • Practice creating a lesson plan that integrates the use of Google Street View.

2:59 Course Goodies!

  • You will become a Street View Educator Expert and you’ll receive a certificate of completion!
  • You will learn how to find & share relevant 360° VR image content for your classroom lessons.
  • You will gain confidence in using Google Street View with your students.
  • You will gain access to a private Facebook Group exclusively for members of this course.
  • A downloadable Google Street View Lesson Planner for educators
  • A downloadable Google Street View User Guide for students and educators.
  • A downloadable Health & Safety in VR Script for educators.

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